Portfolio Website

This is my portfolio website built with Gatsby.js, the goal for this website is to constantly grow, and turn it into a platform to document my journey as a Developer. The Backend of the project is built with Strapi, which is a headless CMS, and the assets are managed through the Cloudinary cloud storage provider. And the contact form submission is handled through Formspree API.


Animal Detection Project

A project we did for Computer Vision class, where I and my team studies a pre-trained machine learning model (Coco SSD - Common Object in Context) to calculate the efficiency of the algorithms to detect animals and build a confusion matrix based on two different data sets. The given link is the visual report from the project. This was the first project where I got to play around with ML libraries, hopefully, many more to come.

React.jsMaterial UINode.jsTensorflow.js

Canada Weather Application MEAN Stack

A weather application built with the MEAN stack where the users get to view the current, hourly, and daily weather reports. The back-end for this project is deployed on an AWS EC2 machine and the front-end is deployed on an AWS S3 bucket as a static Angular application. This project utilizes JWT/Passport for user authorization and authentication, the back-end uses MongoDB to store the user information and preferences using bcrypt.js for password hashing.


React Color Palette Project

A project where React.js was used to build a color palette where users get to view many different colors and create their very own personalized palettes with the luminance control slider on the top, the nifty copy button provides the users an easy way to copy-to-clipboard function.

React.jsMaterial UINode.jsFirebase

Slickers Noodles

A restaurant website for viewing the items on the restaurant menu.


Color Guessing Game

A mini-application where users can play a color guessing game, where they have to guess a color from the given RGB values in the game, the game features two difficulty levels, Easy Mode, which consists of 3 choices of colors, and Hard Mode, which gives six choices of colors to guess from.


Simple Area Calculator

This is one of my earliest projects, where the user gets to calculate the area for different kinds of shapes, add/remove different theories for reference.


Quiz Mini-App

This is an application where users are presented with a couple of General Knowledge questionnaires, which in return gives a score based on the erroneous/correct answers selected in the quiz. This again is one of my early age projects.


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